My year of 2015 started with the sequent trip to UK and this time I didn't stay only in London, but visited several other places, too. In February, there were loads of events and a trip to Georgia.

My birthday month brought to me an amazing and über talented photographer from Belarus who started collaborating with my blog quite a lot. All the fun we had! In April I switched my job and started something big and independent all by my own! + long celebration of my (back then) husband's to be birthday in my new favourite spa in Estonia - Hedon Spa in Pärnu. Also, our very good friends got blessed with a cute baby boy on Easter weekend, joy lasted for long! The month of April ended with taking my baby sister for the first time to London for her birthday! What a sweet sisters time we had together!

Besides the sunny days of May, I got a lot of sun from wonderful Estonian fashion bloggers together with who we organised a flea market which truly was a success! No question about the same project upcoming year, I guess ;) Also, I was honoured to be a member of the Estonian Students' Fashion Contest jury. Celebrations is totally a word for June. Graduations and weddings were hand in hand. Besides cheering up with other lucky couples in our lives, we celebrated our own anniversary and headed to hot Georgia to start organising our Tbilisi wedding. Somehow we also managed to give an interview for a Georgian TV show! Month ended with another interview for the local Estonian magazine Buduaar.

July was one of the busiest months of the whole year - getting things done for our August wedding in Estonia and searching for furniture for our brand new home, oh, it took loads of time! And actually we still aren't done with decorating... In August I gave a lecture to the sweet girls at Buduaar Teen magazine's summer camp. My lovely bachelorette party with my awesome girls and welcoming our best friends to our hometown for our wedding party are definitely few of the keywords for the 8th month of 2015. Having my brother to stay in Estonia for a month. Getting married with my dream man. By so far, August 2015 has definitely been the very best month of my life! September took us with the most important people in our lives to Georgia to have the second wedding there. Seeing and tripping around the almost whole country. Loads of food and family stands for September.

Moving to our new house, getting settled here. Collaborating with MAX&Co for their autumn line. Celebrating our puppy princessa's first year birthday! Interview for Õhtuleht and taking off to United States of America! Mainly to visit my brother there, but also discovering few states like California, Texas and Louisiana. I learnt a lot during this trip, had fun and got a lot of rest. We came home for Christmas and I was for the first time in fashion TV with few other Estonian bloggers. 

2015 has been the most blinding year of my life by so far. However I maybe didn't travel within these 12 months as much as I usually do, and maybe I didn't get to see some of the precious people in my life as much as I'd like, but it also is because of so big things happened and now, when most of this madness is over and I'm just enjoying our sweet and cosy home together with the biggest love of my life, I'm so satisfied and happy and just feeling settled, looking back to the past year. I'm chuffed to bits for the upcoming year as so much incredible is still to happen and I'm feeling just so sentimental and blessed for all the smashing people in my life and thrilling events of 2015. It's something that I'm not able to put into words... I'm a happy soul and I sincerely hope that when you are looking back to your 2015, it puts a smile on your face and makes you feel inner happiness ♡

Wish you a fabulous New Year's Eve among your loved ones, my darlings, and a Happy New Year! x


  1. Delaine12:27

    Happy New Year!! ☺️��

    1. Thank you, darling! ♡ Wish you all the best for 2016! x

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