Hello hey marzipans! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Surprisingly, we didn't deal too much with decorating our home this time, but we spent most of the weekend with friends and that was exactly what we needed! Always so great to see your loved ones. So on Friday evening we had a dinner with my friend's family at their new house and Saturday we spent hanging out with Georgians - eating loads as always, joking, singing, talking - having fun. Today we're visiting my friend and her boyfriend and actually, this week is all about PÖFF film festival that is focused on Georgia this time! Couldn't be more excited! There will be a red carpet reception on Friday, look forward to it! And well, as it is our last weekend in Estonia before Christmas, then we decided to spend it together with my family and we head over to their place. 

But let's get to the real topic of this post now - I found a fun entry named 'Boyfriend Tag' from Britt's blog's history where she had involved her husband Bruno and I totally liked the idea! As many of you have been asking me to write more about our daily life and reveal some secrets of Archi and our relationship in general, it seemed like a lovely idea and it didn't take much thinking and wondering before I sent the questions to my husband and here's what came out! I left all the answers exactly as they were and just added some of my own comments. Hope you enjoy!

Tsauki tsau kallikesed! Ma loodan, et kõigil oli vahva nädalavahetus! Üllataval kombel ei pühendanudki me sel nädalavahetusel palju aega kodu sisustamisele, vaid veetsime palju aega hoopis sõpradega. Alati on nii hea kalleid inimesi näha. Niisiis reedel sõime õhtust minu sõbranna perega nende uues majas ja laupäeva veetsime koos grusiinidega - sõime palju head ja paremat, naersime, naljatasime, laulsime, jutustasime - lõbus nagu alati! Täna lähme jälle ühele minu sõbrannale ja tema elukaaslasele külla. Käesoleval nädal on ju tegelikult kauaoodatud PÖFFi nädal ja kuna fookuses on Gruusia, siis olen ma juba päris elevil! Tean, et reedel on pidulik punase vaiba üritus ja ma juba ootan seda õhtut põnevusega! Kuna see nädalavahetus on ühtlasi ka meie viimane nädalavahetus Eestis enne jõule, siis otsustasime selle minu perega veeta. Muide, ma uhkusega mainin, et võtsin lõpuks kätte ja õpetasin oma kutsale veel paar käsklust ning nüüd annab ta nii armsalt käppa! Nagu tõeline mõisapreili - ulatab ühe käpa äärmiselt graatsiliselt minu poole ja teeb näo, nagu ta ootaks, et teda nüüd käpale peenelt suudeldaks, hahaa!

Aga lähme nüüd tänase postituse tuuma juurde - leidsin münda aega tagasi Briti blogist ühe vahva sissekande, mis kandis nime 'Boyfriend Tag' ja seega oli tema abikaasa Bruno ka kenasti postitusse kaasatud. Mulle väga meeldis postituse idee ja kuna paljud teist on pärinud ja palunud, et ma rohkem meie igapäevaelust kirjutaksin ning Archist ja meie suhtest üleüldiselt räägiksin, siis tundus see postitus just selline, mis võiks teile meeldida ning seega ei jõudnudki ma pikalt arutleda, kui küsimused juba Archile saadetud olid. Siin on siis lõpptulemus ja küsimused koos vastustega. Jätsin kõik nii, nagu Archi kirjutanud oli ning omalt poolt lisasin lihtsalt mõningad kommentaarid. Ma ei hakanud midagi ära tõlkima, usun, et kõik saavad aru ja loodan, et teile selline teistmoodi postitus meeldib :)

1. Where did we meet? 
In a museum.

That's right! And it truly was a love at first sight :)

2. What was our first date?
We took some Asian food and went to have a picnic in Kadriorg Park.

It was so much fun! I was impressed over and over again by his behaviour and way of talking etc.

3. If you had to bake me a birthday cake, what would it be?
I better don't bake anything myself, but if I could, then I would bake a trileche ;)

I've never tried anything he has baked, but when it comes to spicy dishes then he just rules the kitchen!

4. First impression of me?
Positive and polite.

5. Where was our first kiss and how was it?
In the sky and it had an effect of a strong drug. Seriously though, it was in the old town, but still had an effect of a strong drug.

6. Where and when did you meet my family?
I guess two months after we met, in Tallinn, in a restaurant No. 9.

When I now think about this day, I guess Archi was quite nervous, but it turned out so nice and so chill. My littlest sister had already met him once and she was thrilled to see him again, everyone welcomed him very warmly to my family and so we started spending loads of time all together.

7. Do we have a tradition?
I think it will take few more years to call something our tradition, but we have quite a few things we always try to do, such as spend Christmas always calmly at home with the family; spend at least first hour of a New Year together at home; if we host 'supra' (dinner party), we always make toast according to Georgian traditions and one toast is always drunk in memory of our beloveds who are no longer alive.

I would add the tradition of going to lutheran church on 'my Christmas' and orthodox church on 'his Christmas', actually same with Easter holidays and I just realised that we normally always have two different ways how to celebrate basically the exact same things and now it's the same with an example wedding anniversaries - Estonian wedding anniversary could be spent in my way and on Georgian wedding anniversary we could do things according to his ideas. I wonder how are we going to organise the birth of baby? :D

8. What was our first trip together?
We travelled to Albania to spend some time with our friends from all around the world.

Yep, and after that we went to Georgia for the first time together.

9. Who said 'I love you' first?
I did.

10. What colour are my eyes?
Blue-grayish. Sometimes red when you are angry :)

11. What do I like to watch from TV?
You don't really watch much TV, but when you do, then you watch cooking shows or competitions.

Sometimes I have also these periods of watching some TV series like SATC and then I can't stop before I've seen the whole season.

12. What do I order to drink in a restaurant?
Water or wine.

Exactly! Maybe tea with dessert.

13. What is the one food I dislike?

Sometimes I even tolerate foods that include little bit of very hidden meat, but it can also be only turkey, duck or chicken then. Pork is something that I never ever would eat, yikes!

14. What is my favourite breakfast?
French toast.

Or porridge or Eggs Benedict or brownies from last night with yoghourt :)

15. What size shoe I wear?

16. What is my favourite type of sandwich?
You don't like sandwiches too much, but maybe with mashed eggs or fish.

But only with black bread or wholemeal toast, white bread is something we never have in our home.

17. What would I eat everyday if I could?
Sproopwafel (Dutch waffle).

Yum! Do we have some left at home?!

18. If I was an animal, what animal would I be and why?
My favourite animal, cute little piglet, because it's the cutest and funniest animal.

I knew it! Gochi grutunebs! 

19. What is my favourite restaurant?
L'Osteria in Salzburg.

It's quite difficult to say what's my favourite restaurant, because I get tired of places and menus quite easily. One place in Tallinn that never disappointed me is Pegasus.

20. What is something that I do that you don't like?
Tickle me, I hate it!

21. Do I have a weird habit?
You want to watch a movie in bed and in few minutes of watching it you fall asleep.

Hahahaa, I knooooow! I just can't help it! The movie can be very very interesting and not boring at all, but it just works like magic!


  1. Nii tore postitus! :)

    1. Aitäh Marili! ♡ Alguses mõtlesin, et tag'in mõned blogijad ära ka ehk esitan n-ö väljakutse ning Sina olid mul esimesena listis, aga siis jälle mõtlesin, et ei taha kuidagi kohustada inimesi ja see mõte jäi realiseerimata. Sellegi poolest, ma huviga loeksin :)))

    2. Noh, ütleme nii, et Jüri sain nõusse, nii et varsti on oodata :)

    3. Yayy! Nii vahva! Endal on ka kindlasti väga lõbus Jüri vastuseid lugeda :)))

  2. Te olete nii tohutult nunnukad :)

  3. Alexa14:59

    Very cool post! Keep up the good work! xx

  4. Väga äge oli lugeda vastust, et kohtusite muuseumis(tänapäeval väga tavatu) ja et see oli love at first sight. väga armas ja üliromantiline :)

    1. Aitäh Sulle! ♡ Kusjuures paljud arvavad, et me kohtusime restoranis Muuseum, aga ei-ei, ikka päris muuseumis kohtusime!