1. Did you have any special routine before wedding? Diets? Gym?
To be honest, I hate any kind of diets. Shame on me, but I'm also not very into sports. Of course I try to be as healthy as I can, I move a lot, and I'm not eating basically any junk food, already because I love cooking and only with fresh high quality ingredients. But when it comes to losing weight or getting fit, then I honestly have never done anything to get my 'dream number of weight', because first of all, I don't even have such thing in my head, secondly, I feel good in my body as it is and most of all... I love curvy girls! ;)

2. Who did your makeup?
My makeup was done by brilliant Susanna Epner and I would suggest her to every woman for wants her natural beauty to be highlighted.

3. Where was the party held?
The wedding reception took place in Kõltsu Manor, not too far from Tallinn, on a seaside.

4. Did you have a theme of the wedding? Flower? Colour?
We didn't really have a strict theme, I just wanted to keep it classy. But we did have a wedding flower and it was a hydrangea. About the colour I would say lavender purple and ink blue.

5. Who was responsible for food? Were you happy with your choice?
We hired Tervise Catering and were very happy with their delicious food and friendly servants.

6. How did you decide to get married and when and where was it?
I guess we both knew already from quite early stage that one day we will definitely get settled together, but the magical moment Archi purposed I still was shocked and couldn't believe it's actually happening to me. It was in March 2014 in Vienna. Still having goosebumps while thinking of that moment!

7. How long did you plan the Estonian wedding?
The planning time was about nine months. Intensively maybe three-four months.

8. Would you suggest anyone specifically?
I wasn't really unhappy with anyone... maybe except our videographer, but this is a longer story. So actually I would suggest more or less every person who was there that day - Jaak Aus, Virgo Jaani, Robin Juhkental & The Big Bangers, Martin Kraus, Tervise Catering, Lavendel Kondiiter and Susanna Epner.

9. Where was the ceremony held?
The ceremony was held in Charles' Church, the same church where I got baptised in.

10. Why did you choose that place?
As mentioned, I got baptised in there and it's kind of like a family church for us as we go there on Christmas and Easter Holidays. Many members of my family have got married there as well.

11. Where did you take your wedding photos?
In many places actually. In Tallinn old town, also on a way from church to wedding venue and around the area we had reception.

12. How big was your budget?
We didn't have a budget. This is one thing that we didn't really have organised and didn't stress too much about, spendings just evolved during the process.

13. From where did you order invitations?
I had an idea in my head and while looking for a good web designer, my sister gave me a hint and well, I had almost forgotten that her husband is good at this stuff. So it was obvious to develop them together.

14. What was in the menu?
We had quite a big choice, we rather preferred there to be different things, so we could offer something for each taste - different varieties of fish, meat, vegetables, salads, snacks and so on.

15. In which language your wedding was held?
Our ceremony was held in Estonian, but the reception was in Estonian and in English, because we had quests from different nations and not all of them live in Estonia.

16. In which language do you communicate with each other?
This is complicated to answer actually - you should hear us talking yourself and then answer the question :D Obviously we try to speak only in Estonian or Georgian, but English inevitably slips up in conversations as this is the language in what we spoke when we met. However I would say that Archi is pretty good in Estonian and that's what he says about my Georgian as well. Mostly we still mix all three languages and they are all often presented in one short conversation even.

17. Did you have one dress for both weddings or you switched?
I had two dresses, one for each, and thank God I did! However I adored my Estonian wedding dress, I would have totally melted in it in insanely hot Georgia.

18. When did you start planning your bachelorette party? If you had one?
I had one that was very amazingly planned by my dearest girlfriends and they kept it as a secret until the day of the event actually.

19. What car did you have as a wedding car and where did you get it?
We were driving Bentley on our wedding day and we got it from my father. Thanks papa!

20. What about something borrowed, something old and something blue? Do you believe in it?
Well, I'm the girl who likes traditions and following them. So were few of my hair accessories borrowed, something really old and precious I got from my mother in law after we got engaged - it was a beautiful little ring with a diamond on it and it has adorned the fingers of the family for decades and decades. Something blue I had on my garter that Archi threw among bachelors.

21. Do you regret anything or wish that you had organised somethings differently?
I definitely do not regret anything about that day, for me it was perfect. I had enough time to plan it, so I would do everything the same way also now :)

Thank you for all your questions!

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  1. Paula12:50

    Kolmas ja viies pilt on nii ägedad :) Rõõmus paar tundute :)

  2. Anonymous15:45

    Kes su kleidi disanis ja tegi?

    1. Ise disainisin ja koos tuttava abiga saigi unistus teoks :)))

  3. Cute couple ever :D

    1. Thanks a lot, Gladiola! ♡

  4. Kes teil fotograafiks oli :)?

    1. Me valisime fotograafiks Martin Krausi ja jäime nii nii rahule!

  5. Anonymous17:00

    Uuuu i love bentleys (:

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