25 questions

Hey marzipans! I got a hint recently to make a Q&A post and thought that it's not a bad idea at all as you will get to know me a little bit better again :-) Wish you a lovely new week!

Tsauki! Sain hiljuti ühelt oma blogilugejalt vihje, et võiksin teha küsimuste-vastuste postituse. Mõtlesin natuke ning tegelikult tundus see väga hea mõte, sest niimoodi saate te mind jälle natuke paremini tundma õppida :-) Kahjuks on kõik küsimused-vastused inglise keeles, sest muidu veniks postitus nii jube pikaks. Mingit ilukirjanduslikku juttu aga pole, nii et vast saavad kõik, kes tahavad, kenasti kõigest aru :-) Kaunist alanud nädalat! 

♡ ♡ ♡

1. With who have you been together today for at least two hours? As it's only nine o'clock in the morning, I haven't met anyone but Archi :-) Later today I will hopefully get to spend at least few hours also with my girlfriends.

2. How tall are you? I'm 176 cm.

3. Which movie did you last watch? Day before yesterday, me and Archi watched Still Alice and it was incredibly touching!

4. Who called you last? My grandma.

5. Who you called last? My mama.

6. Prefer to call or send SMS? Oh, it really depends! I must say I can't really be one hour without touching my phone and it's not because of some phone games or something, haha, it's mostly because of the need of communication! I love both! 

7.  Which languages do you speak? Obviously Estonian and English, some Georgian, I know a little bit of Russian and understand quite a lot of it, actually I've studied German, but it's getting more and more rusty.

8. Are your parents married or divorced? Happily married!

9. When did you last see your mother? Two days ago.

10. How do you see yourself in ten years? Hmm, in ten years we will be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary (still sounds so funny!) and I hope I'll be already mommy for two children. Hopefully we have a bigger flat in Tbilisi by then and hopefully Archi can flexibly travel to Georgia for longer periods (with all of us, of course! haha!) and hopefully we spend more time with our Georgian family. I don't believe that so much, but I really do hope that my brother moves back to Estonia with his beautiful wife, because I miss them so damn much! 

11. How many pillows do you have in your bed? We have four - two bigger pillows and two normal size. 

12. Which eye colour do you have? Blue.

13. When did you wake up today? About eight o'clock. I don't really like sleeping long... Like until eleven is way too much already! And yes, even after long night :-P

14. What scared you when you were a kid? Darkness. For some reason I can't sleep with closed curtains even now! Well, I guess I'm not over my childhood yet :-P 

15. What do you drink with your breakfast? Loads of water, sometimes a cup of tea.

16. What is the best thing about you? Beh, this kind of questions are always the hardest, but I guess that I'm quite good at listening to other people and I'm pretty caring. 

17. What is the largest prize you have ever won? I have absolutely no luck in lotteries, but only thing I remember that I've won was few weeks ago at the new Apotheka's opening and somehow I won a goodie bag full of Dr Hauschka products! Yay!

18. Do you have precious jewellery? My engagement ring is the most precious piece of jewellery for me. In many ways ♡

19. What is your favourite TV show? I'm not really into TV shows, but recently I've bee watching quite many parts of ჩემი ცოლის დაქალები (it's a Georgian comedy show). 

20. What will you do this weekend? Me and Archi are going to SPA for a long weekend, to take some time off and relax, timing couldn't be more perfect as he has a birthday on Thursday :-) On Sunday I will be back and selling pieces of my closet on Bloggers Market. Click for more!

21. What kind of ringtone you have on your phone? The ordinary ringtone for iPhone, I'm boring :-P

22. What did you last bake? I baked chocolate and cream muffins yesterday evening.

23. Are you a social person? Yes, I am. I like to be in contact with my loved ones and not just by texting them - the most I love still meeting face to face. It's the realest thing and I love meeting my friends and family quite often.

24. Do you sleep with or without clothes? Without! However, I always have my robe next to my bed and I like to spend my mornings and nights before going to sleep in my robe :-)

25. Where is your favourite place? My favourite place can be anywhere, only if I'm with my loved ones ♡


  1. Emily10:50

    You seem so lovely person, good luck in your blogging :) But one question also: why didn't you add any photos of your happily married parents? :P would love to see!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words! ♡ I guess I have showed few photos of my family in here, so you just need to find them! ;-) My father doesn't really like to be all over the internet :-D

  2. Anonymous09:16

    Kuidas sa Gruusia keelt oskad?

  3. Maria-Loreen18:51

    Mmmmmmm oled sa ikka üks suur küpsetja! :P

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