The colour of love

It's no secret that I love red - it's classy and suits everywhere. And when I saw this red beauty on Estonian brand's Monton shop window, I knew I have to have it! It's all about keeping yourself comfy and warm and this is exactly what I need to survive these last winter weeks before flowers start to bloom.

I'm back from London now and actually one of the hardest things to get used to again is the weather. However it still wasn't warm enough to not wear a coat in London, at least it was every day quite sunny and I had loads of light that in turn gives me loads of energy. 
Here... well, is dark. You wake up in the morning, there's not much light, you start waiting for the sun to come out and you basically wait until March :( It's extremely hard for me, but this helps a little if I think about all this early summer days when it hardly gets dark... Every place has its pluses and minuses.

So, from those photos that we somehow managed to take today (while it seriously was raining and snowing at the same time, blah blah) you can perfectly see what's going on in Tallinn! I was thinking for a while should I rather upload these photos here or not. But as I haven't made an outfit post for a long time for now already, I decided to still put them up and not care so much about the quality and my this-weather-is-not-my-favourite-at-all-face ;-D Sorry guys!

red winter dress Monton / heels Marks&Spencer / bracelet and earrings Forever 21 / scarf turned into a headband Gucci / quilted handbag Chanel


  1. Olivia14:21

    Wow, this dress sure is a pop of color! Sometimes it's nice to own such bright colors <3

  2. Linda14:35

    Beautiful look babe :*

  3. Saara16:06

    Väga ilus. Meenutab pin-up'i natuke :P kvaliteedi üle ma ka ei viriseks :D

  4. Laura-Liise18:32

    Kaunis, Emilia! Loodan, et nautisid Londonit ja eks see kevad ka tuleb - tulemata ei jää ;)

    1. Aitäh! Ise püüan ka nii mõelda ;-)