Visiting London on a budget

As you all know already by now, I'm super happy to be visiting London again.
Many of you have asked for some tips and now I'm accepting the challenge! There's a well known fact that London is not exactly the cheapest city to travel to, so I decided to go for ''visiting London on a budget'' post!

Here's a little list of things to do, eat and see in London while visiting on a budget! ;-)

Brick Lane & Camden Town
Brick Lane and Camden Town are pretty awesome. And both of them are perfect for market shopping. They are not really close to each other, so you should just pay a visit on different days and a great adventure will be guaranteed. You can buy art works or unique clothes from indie designers or browse vintage stalls. This might make you hungry after a while, but don’t sweat. You can find plenty of food stalls with fresh food from all over the globe, all for around 5 pounds a dish. If you’re looking to buy souvenirs, look no further. You’ll find plenty of novelty gems, which will make for a much better gift than your average miniature red phone booth. Even if you’re not planning on buying anything (because hey, we’re on a budget) there’s enough to look at. All hipsters hang out here, so feast your eyes with all the street art and streetstyle that’s around. Another great place that's close to Brick Lane - and with what you can really impress your company (or Instagram followers) - is Columbia Road Flower Market, which is pretty close.

Primrose Hill
Walk up Primrose Hill for a very romantic view over London. Obviously this works best when the weather’s lovely. Bring a bottle of wine and a salad and enjoy the city glory. The area is also very nice to just walk around during the day. It’s a nice and quiet break from the city center. Walk around the pretty streets and you’ll come across pastel houses and cute bars, restaurants and boutiques.

Saatchi Gallery
If you want to do something a little more cultural but have no idea where to start, go to the Saatchi Gallery. No need to break the bank, because here are the magic words: it’s free. It’s nice to be surprised by art you might not have discovered otherwise. Plus, if you’re still looking for that cool souvenir: hit the gallery shop. Walk outside to find a square filled with beach chairs and two big screens so you can watch Wimbledon, also for free!

Victoria + Albert Museum
This is the most excellent place to discover art and design, representing more than 3000 years of human creativity. Of course, there are loads of different museums to visit in London and actually very cool thing is that they are mostly all for free.

Curry rolls at the Kati Roll Company
The Brits love a good curry, so there’s plenty of curry houses to be found in every neighbourhood. If you want to try something a little different, definitely try the curry rolls at this place - between Soho and Oxford Circus. It’s kind of like putting curry in a burrito. The fresh spices make them duper tasty and they’re only 4 pounds a roll.

Brekkie at Cereal Killer Cafe
Yes, you read it right - it's a cereal cafe and obviously it's a total paradise for cereal lovers. They offer over 100 different types of cereals and to make it even more exciting, there's a huge choice of different types of milk and toppings. They just have everything! So if you're walking near Brick Lane, for sure go there to try this awesomeness out!

Bubble tea at MooBoo
If you haven’t tried bubble tea, you should. Bubble tea is a typical Taiwanese iced tea which comes in loads of different flavours. You can add some popping pearls or jellies for some extra sensation when drinking it. There’s loads of bubble tea shops in London and obviously I don’t know if this is the best one. The yellow outside and cute English wallpaper just made it too cute to pass.

This goes to show you that anyone can visit London. I hope you’ll find these tips useful and if you’ll visit something from my list I can’t wait to hear how you liked it!


  1. Jina18:13

    Such a helpful post. Thanks a lot for sharing, Emilia. I'd love to visit London sometime soon.

    1. Yayy ♡ I'm happy to hear that! x

  2. Klaudija18:29

    Very fun and exciting post. Gotta love London!

  3. Evelina23:23

    Appi ma nii tahaks ka londonisse!!!! Lucky u :*

    1. Kevad on parim aeg Londoni külastamiseks ja praegu on just õige aeg planeerima hakkamiseks ;-)

  4. Ania10:38

    Very useful and interesting tips! I have tried bubble tea in London and I was impressed :)

  5. Maria22:30

    Postitust lugedes tekkis kohe siukene tunne, nagu oleksingi ise Londonis hehe :p Naudi Londonit veel, kuni saad!!!