Tuesday tunes

This sunshine that's out there makes me so very happy and I want to share this carefree easy-going mood with you via those four songs.
I'm still being pretty excited about all that's waiting ahead. I know, I can't stop talking about it, but it all just keeps me going. I'm this kind of person who always has to have something to wait for. An example, every morning I open my eyes, I think about exciting things that are calling me this day and it motivates me enough to not stay in bed ad cover myself with warm blanket while there's -5 outside, brrrr. 
One thing I'm absolutely looking forward to is another trip to London. I'm flying already in two weeks! I went there quite recently, but it totally wasn't enough for me! Haha! So stay tuned, guys! Enjoy the sun and say something beautiful to someone! x


  1. Veronica13:30

    Great songs !

  2. Britta14:28

    Jälle Londonisse? :D Mis seal? :D