A few of my favourite things

It's fourth day already spent in bed for me and seriously peeps, I'm sick of being such already! That's also the reason I haven't been posting, however now I decided to take over control and here comes a little roundup of a few of my favourite bits and bobs. 

· Call me old fashioned, but I love sending letters! And by sending letters I mean handwritten cards that will be delivered by post and not e-mail. You get so much more real vibe from it and I love it!

· Nailpolish - I could remake my nails every single day. I think it's easy way to keep your mood up!

· Okay, I might not be so original now, but especially before spring, when you can't wait flowers to start blooming already, I take out all the Victoria's Secrets body lotions I have and start using them again! As the smells are really strong and sweet, mostly I get fed up already quite soon tho :-P

· Talking about smells, I have my personal collection of spring perfumes. The number one would for sure be Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, but here you can see my other fave that is Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo.

· When it comes to makeup, I'm all about lips! I love different colours and different shades! Perfect way for starting the spring earlier is Rihanna x Mac RiRi lipstick collection. I have at least half of them in my makeup bag haha!

· Taking notes is just so totally my thing that I couldn't exclude it! I have thousands of notebooks bought from all over the world - some are more special and others are an example just for inspiration, making lists, drawing dresses and writing words. 

· Last, but not least - scented candles! Candles are in general creating nice atmosphere, but when they also make the room smell nice.... mmm. I can't say which ones are my favourite ones, but in the moment I'm totally in love with pine wood.

What are your favourite things in the moment?!


  1. Stella12:45

    Kevad südames nagu näha :) Loodan et saad ruttu terveks!

  2. Bridget13:20

    My favorite thing - CHOCOLATE! :P I don't care so much for candles and lipsticks, but chocolate goes always :D

    1. Chocolate is great, of course! ♡

  3. Kirsten13:47

    Nice post! I enjoyed reading it! My favorite thing among make-up is definitely not lipstick, but mascara. I adore nicely done big eyes.

  4. Rena14:14

    Which lipstick is the pink one next to notes? Its so lovely and shiny :)

  5. Anna14:42

    Wow nii lahe, et sa kirju ja kaarte saadad ! Tänapäeval ju seda eriti enam ei tehta . Väga tore postitus ! XOXO

  6. Eleanor16:51

    So nice post! You should do this kind more often :) Hugs to you and get well soon :)

  7. Hannah19:46

    Lovely stuff here, I especially like your lipsticks, so fresh!
    Hannah x

  8. Keiu23:14

    Mul on sama lõhn :) Nii mõnus värske ja kevadine tõesti, kui nii mõtlema hakkan :)

  9. Laura13:34

    Sul on väga tore blogi Emilia. Jätka samas vaimus. :)

    1. Suur aitäh, Laura! Eks ma püüan! x