Workwear Wednesday

It's Wednesday & it's the right time to make a ''Workwear Wednesday'' post!
I've put together five sets for each working day.

♡ ♡ ♡

Let's start the week in bright colours! Here comes white, white, white, Pepita pattern, white and once more, white! By the way, Pepita is one of my growing favourite when it comes to winter. 

One of my favourite looks in this post. Why? Just because it's all so cosy and warm. I can imagine how comfortable it would be! PS: pay attention to the amazing Louboutin ankle boots! Want, want!

When the word 'elegant' reaches my mind, I want to say lace - when someone mentions 'necklace', I say big and flashy. This is all what Wednesdays are about! We're in the middle of the week - half of the hard working part is done and only two days left until weekend!

My love for this colour combination is just indescribable! This deep cherry red goes so well with this soft nude beige. And this handbag from Dolce & Gabbana... And this watch in Christmas colours... Warm and perfect for the wether like we have in December.

Well, well, well - I guess it looks like Friday already? Yay! Friday it is! So you can start being in a fancy mood already in the morning when you dress yourself up for going to work! Aaaand there's no one who couldn't shine in black and gold!

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