Perfect day with the perfect babe

 It truly was a perfect day today and guess what, it continues!
We could enjoy our lazy Saturday morning with pancakes in bed and we also managed to be productive, yay!
We went to Rotermann Quarter with a thought of making some outfitties with this amazing winter weather (my dream came true and it was really white and fluffy Christmas this year, hooray!), but Emilia, who was yesterday saying that no way she's going inside this shopping madness that always takes place after Christmas feasting, especially because we arrived from London with way way heavier bag than it was supposed to be haha. But wellllll, Archi just like casually said that let's take a look and we ended up buying more and more :D 
Anyways, I said the perfect day continues, so I will prepare some snacks, Archi will choose the wine and we're good to go to a movie night at friend's place and let the action start! 
Wish you all a great Saturday evening, babes!

smart shirt Zara / highwaist skirt Mohito / faux fur west Mango / leather booties Michael Kors / bag Hermés / shiny necklace New Look / blue-gold rings Topshop / leather-gold watch gifted


  1. Theresa.17:30

    Wow what a beauty!!!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words ♡

  2. Have a lovely weekend :*

  3. Anonymous18:47

    Vau, nii ilus :)

  4. I wish you as beautiful Saturday as you are (:

  5. Natali01:51

    Super ilus!

  6. Isver kui ilus stiil (eriti need saapad - wow) & sina! ♥ :)

  7. Margit15:11

    Vautsi-vauuu nii ilus! :)

  8. Gerda15:21

    Wow mis ilus naine ja need juuksed, oh my god!