My Insta-London

Well, who wouldn't know what an insta-addict is writing all these lines to this blog!
Nothing to hide - I'm checking & updating my Instagram account way more often than Facebook or any other social media. And now I'm going to share some moments from our London trip via Instagram collage. Here we go!

Shopping, shopping and once more - shopping! / Oxford Street in its full glory / The famous Big Ben - been there, done that haha! / Fantastic Cartier store in Christmas mood / The obligatory pic with pay phone box / Portobello Road Market & some awesomeness / Regent Street - another cool shopping circus / Tiffany & Co full of cuteness / ...I couldn't miss the London Eye


  1. Rebeka11:16

    Nii Christmasy ja mõnus :)

  2. Marianne16:44

    Head uut aastat!