England trip update

Long time no see? Well, it can mean only one thing - I've been quite busy with relaxing and resting ;)
Finally I got time to open my computer and let you all know that I'm doing good and I'm not dying out nor anything - it's just always quite difficult to find time for blogging or even using internet while you are on travel! 
So I'll make it short - yesterday, we took a walk in really amazing and pure nature, which was actually quite nice as we could see the real England in its sunny glory, with sheep eating grass and horses running in paddock. Unfortunately we didn't capture much, but some pictures you are still going to see. 
Today we're going to Gloucester, which is in the west from London. Hopefully the sun keeps shining on, so I can also show you some pictures of typical towns in UK, 'cause London is something totally different and you can't really call it a typical city of UK.

Sending you lots of sun, XO


  1. Lisa20:43

    Beautiful ;)

  2. Anonymous22:10

    Nii ilus, nagu alati! Nautige ja lõbutsege :) M&N

  3. Särad nii armsasti ja super näed välja!!

  4. Marimiri00:43

    Wow püksid Sinu jalas on küll midagi uut o_O kena kena

  5. Anonymous22:54

    Pretty ❤

  6. Katie01:14

    Looking good, Em!