England trip update: Gloucester

I promised to let you peek a little bit more of our England trip. So this time I'll take you inside Gloucester - a small city in west from London that's quite important for it's biggest mainland port in Europe. There were boats everywhere. Not so interesting?! Well, the second cool thing they have might interest all the fashionistas a little bit more - Gloucester is a paradise when in comes to a budget shopping! It really is! They have all kinds of outlets... Shopping malls with only high brand outlets. In general they have outlets for everything - furniture, gym and sport stuff, kitchen and home things etc. An example, our friends bought Puma shoes with twelve pounds only! And A got really nice shirts with -75% off! :))))
PS: I'm not a big Potter fan myself, but in Gloucester cathedral, there was filmed a part of the Harry Potter movie, so this is one more reason, why to visit Gloucester - there's something for everybody!


  1. Rebeka13:41

    Nii ilusat värvi mantel (Y)

  2. Anonymous19:49

    kas seal reaalselt õitsevadki lilled praegu? :D

    1. Jah, kõik tänavad on potililledega kaunistatud. Peenratelt on lilled siiski ära juba õitsenud :D Nii soe ka seal polnud hehe.

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  4. Gerda15:19

    Need juuksed!!!!!!