Closer the end of the year comes, less days we have left in this amazing 365 pages book called 2014, more we, at least I, think about moments and look back to the soon finishing year.

I'm pretty happy with this year, but if I started thinking throughly, I realized that one thing I kind of regret is that I wasn't blogging during the summer time. I just closed down everything in spring and came back only in the end of the summer. Why do I regret it? Easily because so many things happened, I travelled a lot, I did many interesting things and visited lots of breathtaking places. It would have been great to sit down with a cup of tea next to a fireplace and read this memories, but unfortunately it's impossible :(

I want to make also a separate post about the year 2014 to look back together with you and remember all this great moments I'm very very thankful for to have!

But for now, let's take a look to a little closer past and see what have I been up to. Well well well, besides daily stuff, I've been crafting cute Christmas cards to send all over the world - I've always liked doing them on my own :) 
I've finally made this super duper delicious Christmas pound cake (find the recipe here!) that is a must on every Christmas dinner table!
I've managed to meet up with some loved ones and on last Saturday we had a bit bigger gathering with friends. We went together with A to our friends' house warming party.
I met also Johanna to finish the weekend with sweet Sunday chai and some chit-chat (this is where the picture is taken!).
As Mariliis (from cheese cake wonderland hi hi) came back from US, we had a coffee together and she was telling me about all the nice things they did over the ocean. Me jelly...

So yep, yesterday was my little princess' birthday party and now me and A are preparing to fly off to England!
It sort of means that he's finishing the last working things from home and I'm writing some blog posts in advance, because I have no idea yet how will my wifi connection be there.

Stay tuned & have a lovely weekend! ♡ ♡ ♡

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