5 reasons to love London

There are actually way more reasons to love London, but I'm bringing you now just five. I'm walking around London town as we speak, so I believe I'll be coming back to this point at some time.
Here's a list of this that have been marvelous by now and what I'm looking excitedly forward to!

1. Shopping
Shopping in london is the bomb. There are so nice shops all around! Make sure you've saved some money before paying a visit, because you'll run into loads of cute boutiques with extremely unique things. And well, every fashionista know that nothing hunts us like the things we didn't buy.
One of my favorite place to look around is a House of Fraser on Oxford Circus, I can literally spend hours there.

2. Food
One thing I love about visiting London town is the food. There are plenty of food markets that you will love if you appreciate organic, fresh bites. I'm also secretly looking forward to full English breakfast!

3. Streetstyle
It's impossible to stay not inspired while visiting the UK capital. Locals seem very confident and experimental with their style. Special ''show'' is brought to you near universities such as Central St. Martins, where you can see young fashion/art/design students at the same time mixed with stately lecturers. Wonderful spectacle!

4. Architecture
Even if we leave well known architectural masterpieces like Buckingham palace and others ahead, there's something worth staring everywhere. If you love modern skyscrapers, you will find many of those in London. If you are into renaissance, oh my God... There are some castles everywhere! You should only see the Apple store on Regent street.

5. Cultural stuff
London is heaven when it comes to museums. There are some great exhibitions all over the city. Super cool fashion stuff with designers and artists as Paul Smith or Damien Hirst are even presented. Additionally to museums, you can find really nice cinemas which have quite clear conception. An example an old cinema on Piccadilly Circus shows only cheerful musicals from 40s-60s.


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    Lahe :) Käisin Londonis poolteist aastat tagasi ja siiani mäletan seda tunnet, mis Oxford streetil jalutades oli :)

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