Let it snow

Another week has almost flown by, it's Friday yet again and it totally started to snow today!
My first reaction wasn't really delightful, but when I went out there, I fall in love with it as it didn't take me more than 30 seconds to feel like Christmas are coming already less than in five weeks! Hurray! 
I must say this working week was way more busy and tiring than I was ready to handle, but here I am, writing this post and enjoying my Friday's glass of red wine!
BUT(!) during this week, besides working, I even managed to have a lunch with my dear Kristel, visit my sister's family, do some photo shooting for blog with Elke (pictures coming soon!), watch Estonian designer Kirill Safonov's amazing couture collection ''VIISTEIST'' and buy some Christmas presents already!

Happy snowy Friday peeps! ♡

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