Love affairs

Aaaand my love affair with lace and purple continues! I mean, what’s more fun than wearing a super duper nice colour on your lips while we're getting less and less sun with each day?! Well, let me tell you another fun thing I can think of. This morning, me and my fiancé finally took time to capture some outfitties - so I took a chance to show you all my never-ending love to mix fragile lace with soft and cozy cashmere wool. And of course, the classy and chic midi skirts are one of my weaknesses... Who doesn't love 50s and Marilyn Monroe then?!
When it comes to lipsticks, I have to admit I own at least six shades for each four season - does it make me lipstick fanatic? Well, I don't know, but I can say I'm quite crazy for wearing lipstick!

black booties Steve Madden / ''colourless'' midi skirt Mohito / cozy wool coat Ivo Nikkolo / lace crop top Topshop / genuine leather bag Donna Karan NY / black silver earrings gift from mom / purple lipstick MAC x Rihanna RiRi (Fusion Pink)


  1. Sa näed väga hea välja!


    1. Aitäh, Kristina ♡

  2. Carrie15:25

    I love everything about this look !