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Mõned inimesed on minult küsinud, miks ma oma blogi aina enam inglise keeles, mitte oma emakeeles, kirjutan. 
Mul on võrdlemisi palju sõpru, nii Eestis kui mujal maailmas, kes ei ole just kuigi pädevad minu emakeele lugemises, kuid just need inimesed mängisid väga suurt rolli, et ma oma maailmast kuskile märgi maha jätaks ja ka neid kalleid inimesi toimuvaga kursis hoiaksin. Niisiis otsustasin austada nende soovi ja arvan, et eestlastel ei tohiks küll inglise keeles lugemise ja teksti aru saamisega probleeme tulla :) 


I'm so happy to announce the whole world that finally we - by what I mean me and my fiancé - went to notary and signed all the papers that were needed and now we are officially owners of our new home! However they are still building the house, we're both oh so very happy :)
I wouldn't say any more details, but no worries, the time will come ;)

As I'm being overwhelming here about our new sweet home and getting things official, it of course inspires me a looooot to go to Polyvore more often and create new collages. So I'm bringing some ideas to you, even if it's maybe not exact style I'd like my home to look like, it's still great feeling I get when one board after another is finished again.

How would you describe your homes?
Traditional with chic twist? Rustic elegant? Parisian with cozy touch? Gal meets glam? Beach home? Eclectic vintage? Or anything else, I'd be glad to get to know! ♡

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  1. nene13:18

    Really nice post! I would describe my home with the first one: traditional with a chic twist :)