Guess what?

 Winter has arrived!
At least it feels like... The ground has been kinda white for some time and it keeps freezing! Not exactly the thing I love about making outfit posts.
But there are some other great things: my elder sister had a birthday yesterday, so we and couple of other people went for a dinner that was delicious as at my sister's place always! By the way, she had made like tons of cookies, so we all became a cookie monsters and oh... I should pay a visit again I guess! 
Besides good food and freezing weather, our small baby girl is growing thrivingly! Can't really call her small baby girl anymore :( I even made some photos of yesterday where she was nicely represented, but as they're all taken by my phone, I decided to not upload this nonexistent quality photos made in dim candle light. Instead I will show you outfit pictures made few days ago with my irreplaceable Elke! What's funny about this is a fact that I'm wearing things gifted for me from the birthday girl or also known as my elder sister :D Totally coincidentally!
Anyways, it was a nice sunny first(?) snowy winter day in Tallinn. Love that atmosphere.
blue coat with fox fur KSA Tallinn / warm winter dress gift from sis / turquoise & champagne silk scarf gift from sis / flashy Swarovski necklace from small jewelry shop in Italy / classic tote handbag Jane Shilton / golden lion detail booties Sacha London


  1. Anonymous20:51

    Wow that coat! (L)

    1. Thanks ♡ My autumn's fave as well!

  2. Daisy22:41

    Väga kaunis noor naine :) Sama tore on Su blogi! Alati nii hea lugemine! Jätka samas vaimus :)

  3. Oeh, kui ilus inimene ikka! :)