Everything that's big and shiny

Well, I guess almost everyone knows my soft spot about necklaces. Big flashy necklaces*.
It's actually funny how I like wearing necklaces, but all kinds of earrings and bracelets are more like annoying me, to not say they're totally out, so I almost never wear anything as big around my arm as I wear around my neck :) And when it comes to earrings, I have just two-three little pairs of my fave ones and I'm not planning to change it either! But coming back to my sensitive side - I have to admit I have quite a few necklaces in my collection and today I decided to share with you my top four favourites. 

This gorgeousness I bought in previous summer in Italy.
It's kind of h u g e and also quite heavy, but I can't help it - I just adore this one! Look at all this shiny crystals, and how big they are!

Autumn is fantastic time of the year because of its warm colours. However it's looking more like winter already, this necklace still stays as one of my faves. I bought it in September to celebrate autumn and my celebration continues, I guess... 

My true oh-so-very-sparkling deep blue friend has been there for me already for a year. Or two. A small pinkish white touch gives it a sparkle and colours are fitting quite a few things in my closet. Simply just love it!

And now the newest baby in my collection - simple geometric piece of joy. It's shiny and it's light. Doesn't matter is it rainy, is it sunny, is it summer or wether winter - this jewelry goes perfectly in every condition!

I'm totally a jewelry lady and I enjoy it!
What are your favourites when it comes to jewelry? 


  1. Anonymous16:54

    Wonderful necklaces! I love the second one, very beautiful!

  2. Maiken18:24

    Ilusad kaelakeed küll, aga mina ise olen rohkem just kõrvarõnga inimene ja kaelakeesid oman vaid paari :)

    1. Hehe, eks enamikel inimestel kipub see vist nii olema jah :)

  3. see viimane kena pastelne tegelane on mu lemmik siit valikust ja sellist kannaks isegi :) kuigi praegusel jope-mantli ajal olen väga laisk ehtekandja ja pigem ei viitsi neid üldse välja otsida, kuigi võiks. isegi kõrvarõngaste kõrva panemine on kuidagi soiku jäänud. aga muidu on nii, et mul on kas kaelakee periood, arm party periood või kõrvakate periood. saaks vaid oma kollektsioonid organiseeritud, äkki see aitaks tihedamale kandmisele kaasa :)

    Part of me

    1. Sellesse viimasesse tegelasse armusin minagi kohe, kui seda nägin! Kuigi ma ütleks, et see on vist isegi kõige vähem minulik sellest valikust siin :P
      Mis ehete kandmisesse üleüldiselt puutub, siis see arm party period kipub mul suvel isegi peale tulema :)
      Ja muidugi organiseeri oma kollektsioonid ära - säravat kandmist! ♡

  4. Anonymous11:19

    WOW! Tahaks kõiki omale :D