Things that make me happy

1 ♡ My hubby-to-be... He's the jelly to my peanut butter. He's my voice of reasoning, the only person who can get in my head and tell me when I'm wrong 
2 ♡ My family. We are big, loud, sometimes crazy and opinionated. But I wouldn't trade them to the world! 
3 ♡ Tea & blankets. They help to keep my sanity and get me through the dreaded night shift.
4 ♡ My job. I know it's a cliche, but... I really like what I'm doing! It's hard and rough, but when you see the results..!!!!!! 
♡ Reading books. Lots of them.
6 ♡ Crawling into bed after a long tiring day. And feeling his arms tight around me 
7 ♡ Lipsticks. Ooh I  l o v e  lipsticks!!! Different colors, pastel, matt, shiny, Chanel red, florid, YSL nude etc. 
8 ♡ Making lists. And making plans. TO DO lists, travel plans, shop lists, weekly plans, lists like this one here :D
9 ♡ Making others happy! By telling compliments or making gifts, just giving a hug or wishing good day! 
10 ♡ And the last one... eating & cooking! Omgg eating all the yummy stuff like chocolate, cheesecake, peanut butter, lasagne, sushi, avocado & other veggies. Baking fluffy cupcakes and brownies and cookies and casseroles and.... 

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