Reasons to love autumn

I don't have a favorite season of the year. I think in every period of year there's something special to enjoy and all the seasons are just so different...
So I came up with this post, because I've been listening to so many people complaining about summer being over and autumn season being hateful with rainy and chilly weather blah-blah-blah.
Well, I totally disagree! It's wonderful time of a year and I'm going to share a few reasons with you as well!

New wardrobe
It’s always nice to find a new reason to go shopping, am I right ladies? There’s nothing like scoring a beautiful coat and a fresh pair of boots. I'm actually really excited for autumn fashion and only day after tomorrow the fashion week starts in Tallinn! From Monday I'm keeping myself updated with Tbilisi's one, so there are things to wait for!!

Nature’s finest moments
Aren’t autumn colours beautiful? I just love how all leaves turn orange, red and yellow. Their finest moment will definitely be during the golden hours. There’s just nothing like that soft autumnal afternoon light. I’m probably going to be a complete cliché soon and Instagram few of those picture perfect moments.

Not yet winter
78%  of the time weather conditions aren’t what you’d call great during autumn. Don’t start complaining just yet, it could be worse. Because we all know what’s next. That’s right: winter. Blizzards, snow, ice and the absolute worst of all: not being able to wear heels. Yikes!

Autumn recipes
I’m pretty sure almost all ingredients for autumn recipes are my favorites. As long as it has pumpkin or nuts in it, every dish will be worth trying. My plan is to be more creative in the kitchen, so I might have to give some new recipes a try. How does pumpkin coconut stew sound to you?

For sure there are more things to notice and be happy about in autumn. So, peeps, go out and breathe this fresh air in and afterwards bake some cutsy apple pie to your friends!

Sending love and warmness to you,

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